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July 19: Cry to America

Posted by Prophetess Betty Sims on September 4, 2014 at 8:35 PM


Prophecy Received Saturday, July 19, 2014 through Prophetess Betty Sims


Thus saith Jehovah God: fear is not the answer, only preparation is—to be prepared not only in mind, but in thy body and in thy soul will be imperative for you and those with you. Yea, for there are perilous times on the horizon, time that will be so devastating that you will need all your wits about you.


I want you to stockpile the natural and the spiritual goods; yea for there shall indeed be an even greater dearth than you can imagine and the United States shall be under siege. For these sanctions work both ways, for the nations have become co-dependent and when you deprive one of its resources, you deprive others. Think on this scenario: for if the U.S. should tighten its sanctions on Russia, then Russia can tighten its U.S. sanctions as well. And that is why President Obama is exercising such caution, because he does know that you can only push a sleeping giant so far.


Putin is anxious for another war. Putin is trigger happy and he seeks for world domination—just not in the Crimeria, not just in the Ukraine. For he sees himself as a vindicator of the whole world, as a tool to rid the world of the Great Whore, which he subscribes to the U.S.—the whore that sits upon many waters. And his rivalry with the U.S. is of a long standing. He sees the immorality and he is prone to seek to destroy because of it. He knows not that I have a plan for America; and though the debauchery has increased to a level that is almost intolerable for Me, I yet have a plan to salvage the United States of America and to lay low all the forces that have kept her from obeying Me.


It is not over yet in the U.S. It is not over yet for the people of God, for My mercy is yet extended to the United States of America. It is yet extended to thee, oh U.S., for I have long ago extended My olive branch to thee and I have used thee in times past to draw many souls. My mercies have I extended to thee, drawing back death and holding out a lifeline to thee, which is the Christ Son.


Return unto Me and sanctify thyselves afresh. Sanctify thyself and cleanse thyself from all unrighteousness, so that I might receive thee once again, says the Lord thy God. Remove from thee the things that offend. Cast off the unfruitful works of darkness and revive to thee thy first works of love and of reverence for a holy God.


Prepare your hearts to receive Me once again and to renew thy vow of love only that I might set thee upright before the nations and before the people who look up to thee once more, says God. And hope thou in Mel for in Me only shall there be hope. Hope thou in the Lord, thy God. Put your hope and put your confidence only in Me; for I will be thy peace that day, says the Lord thy God. Hope thou solely in Me, says the Lord your God; for in Me shall there be safety. Amen. Hope thou in Me.


To me: Secure your belongings—the things you have the most need of—in a backpack. Save the non-perishable goods, but also the medicine so that if you have to leave your home, only for a moment, you will have what you need.


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