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July 8: War In the Heavens and the Earth

Posted by Prophetess Betty Sims on September 4, 2014 at 8:05 PM


Prophecy Received July 8, 2014

There is war in the heavenlies, only this war on the earth and the many factions that are warring against each other is another sign of the End Times. The factions that you are seeing now shall increase in strength; so much so that the super powers will be prohibited from foregoing their own war. For the factions that you are seeing now need to have the support of the super powers to continue. And the fact that Russia has already gotten involved in the war in the Middle East (Iraq) against ISIS is an indication that they have interests that they are trying to protect. And when you see those superpowers throwing their hat in the ring, then you can look for the war to escalate and it will become a full scale all out and out battle between the East and the West and the North and the South and there will be no place safe in the earth other than the Lamb of God.

Some people cannot receive this but I want you to study it and I want you to also see how that the battle lines are already being drawn and the fact that these factions have super powers lending them weapons and they are funded by other countries is enough to make one want to sit up and take notice. And it will all be because of a handful of individuals who want domination and who want access to the world’s supply of oil, the richest supply in the world. Yea, for there are other avenues to obtain oil, but there is a ready supply in the Middle East and this is what the war has always been about: oil. Make no mistake for this is the impetus for Russia, for the United States and for Iran; it is the very control of the world’s largest holdings of crude oil. It is not so much for the land holdings, only it is for the control of the world’s wealth and of the world’s waning resources that a war shall be waged. You know not the outcome of such a war, but surely I am telling you now that it shall indeed, be the war to end all wars and there shall be such an outburst of power that you have never seen before.


It is Russia who shall be the aggressor and it is the nation of Rosh that will attempt to dethrone the President of the United States and to take over the Pentagon this time. And do you think that they are not watching to see the Congress and the White House at each other’s throats? For one thing that the United States has not done is come into an agreement and to fortify themselves in a spirit of unity. And that house that is divided against itself cannot possibly stand. I have told you before that those who look upon the U.S. do so with disdain, for they see yet a country with a divided government and they can use those divisive elements to their favor. For there are people who have been implanted in thy government to cause discord and to bring variance among the leaders of thy people; and these implanted individuals will stop at nothing until they have brought thy President to his knees and until they have even forced him to do the unthinkable out of desperation. If they can push him to push the wrong button, then they will have succeeded. But I have told you long ago, that President Obama is a man well suited for the presidency of the United States because he has had to long ago endure many obstacles very similar to this opposition now.



He is no fool, daughter; and I want you to believe that though he has passed legislation which is against My commandments, there is no other man at this time in history who is capable of running thy country with equity and with those principles that he does have. Think it not strange, only know this one thing that thy country is not run on biblical principles. Think it not strange, only know that this thy so great a country has long ago transgressed the commandments of God in that they have killed the innocent in the womb, but that they have also murdered the indigenous people and they have even raped the land wherewith I had planted them. And as they undergo a drastic change in removing My laws and in changing the times in which you live, know of a certainty that I, he Lord thy God, was aware that these things would happen here in the United States of America long before you were even a nation and even a colony. So it comes as no surprise to Me, for a foreign nation had America to look up to for a long season, only I the Lord thy God, had even seen these circumstances and I had even known about this president LONG BEFORE he was even elected; for he is a compassionate man and his compassion for the downtrodden has made him compassionate enough for the homosexual to legislate same sex unions. Is it against My will? Emphatically yes! But it is not the Bible that they go by, but it is the United States Constitution and not My Book. And He who letteth will let until He be taken out of the way. Am I mad at President Obama? No; for the powers that be are ordained of God. But there is a price for thy nation to pay—not only for the abortion of the unborn, but also for the rape of the land and for the relegation of the native peoples to abject poverty and slavery and for the castigation of the Negro. And all these things shall come into play when I mete out My judgment on this thy so great a nation, and it shall be mighty, I say to you now. It shall be a mighty storm to come up suddenly upon thy coasts, for a price must be paid for the transgressions of a nation so mighty. There is a price to be paid, I say; and many souls shall be lost in the process.



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