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July 31: Forces Within and Without

Posted by Prophetess Betty Sims on September 4, 2014 at 8:40 PM

July 31, 2014: Warning of War by Sleeper Cells in America

There are many wars around the world, only the one in the United States shall be just as devastating; for General Putin will target U.S. cities like New York and those that have a military base. Think it not strange that I would have removed you from Warner Robins; only know that you are safe here and know that in this city shall you find safety. The Goshen that is in the city of Warner Robins will be a safe haven, only the base—the fact that the military is there—will put the city in jeopardy. Tell the people there that when calamity shall strike, DO NOT GO ON THE BASE; for many lives will be lost. Yea, for many souls will be lost in the city of Warner Robins, only through the Goshen will they survive.


The devastation shall be mighty in the U.S. as whole cities will be pillaged. There are forces within right now—forces that will be mobilized in that day to carry out dastardly plans against the U.S. and it shall happen suddenly. Be not afraid, daughter. Be not fearful, only know that it is so and believe with Me that you and your spouse will be saved. But know that in every city shall be the threat of war, even as the sleeper cells shall rally forth. For while Putin is plotting an attack on the United States, there are even sleeper cells that will be emboldened to set their plot free as well. There are cells that have been plotting and planning for decades and they will seize the opportunity to attack at this time. For even in the midst of chaos shall there be the opportune time to strike without warning and the devastation shall be mighty, says God. The destruction shall be more than you can imagine.


This is the Word of the Lord. I am He that speaks with thee. I am Jesus, the Lord your God. Be not afraid, My beloved. Be not fearful in thy mind and in thy heart; only believe Me, says God. Believe Me and prepare the people, for I alone AM GOD.


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