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Whether you are a novice prophet or a seasoned seer, once you begin applying the principles of the Kingdom outlined in this book, you will experience a greater level of the anointing that will enable you to move in perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit. In this realm, you can prophesy under such a heavy anointing with so much humility and to such a degree of accuracy and excellence that men will undoubtedly know you have been with God. “The end result of the application of Kingdom Principles for Today’s Prophets,” says the author, “is an empowerment to flow seamlessly with the Spirit so that THE Prophet, the Lord Jesus Christ, emanates from within to declare the sovereign glory of the Father.” “The material in this book,” says author and prophetess Betty Sims, “is derived from nearly four decades of prophetic teachings received directly from the Holy Spirit to help perfect the gift and calling of God given to men and women. It is a must-read for anyone pursuing a calling in the prophetic." Log onto to purchase.

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